Chapel on the water

This is a private wedding chapel designed by Tadao Ando in Tomamu, Shimukappu on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. The chapel is facing a pool of water and surrounded by trees. This a simplistic design that is heavily enhanced by the nature around it. This chapel is one of the most breathtaking structure’s to be built.

Asia Museum of Modern Art

The Asia Museum of Modern Art designed by Tadao Ando, in Taichung, Taiwan, the museum is located at Asia University. This art museum is has a sharp design that gets you attention. This museum has many rooms for art shows, and galleries, it also has other places for people to visit. The museum also has restaurants and lecture halls. This is a beautiful place for people to come and celebrate Asian art.

Shikoku-mura Village

The Shikoku-mura Village was designed by architect Tadao Ando. This a outdoor museum that took old style Japanese homes and architecture and restored it to make a beautiful village that also show what architecture would have looked like. This is another public space making a spot so people can go outside and meet new people and get to know their community. The Shikoku-mura Village also is a place where children are taking to learn about social studies. I personally think getting kids out off the classroom is a great way to teach them and this is a great spot for that.

Museum for Wood Culture

The Museum for Wood Culture was designed by architect Tadao Ando in Hyōgo, Japan is a large wooden structec that celebrates wood and wood working. This build has a unique design and appearance making it a wonderful building to witness. The Museum for Wood Culture is another good place for public gathering and learning. This is a place meant to show people the importance of wood and wood working, so people can come out and have a nice day while also learning.

Roy’s Bar-B-Q

My grandparents owned a bar- b-q restaurant in Chickasha. This was almost entirely ran by family and all the other staff was like family. My grandparents purchase the building in September, 1972 and ran it successfully until their retirement in September, 2021. I ran around their my whole life, as a kid I would follow around the adults and act like I was working. I finally did start working when I was eleven and continued until its closure. Working all that time their with my family taught my many lesson that I will take with me throughout life. My time their helped shape me as a person and as a worker and I am forever grateful for the place.

First Baptist Church Chickasha

I grew up as a active kid in my church. My parents made sure that I was there every time the doors were open and had something for the youth. I spent my entire life attending this church and it has has unimageable influence on my life and who I am today. The church itself is very old, with it turning 125 years old this year. The church has been unkept and ran by the same community the whole time and has be passed through several generations. I am still very active their today, this church and it’s members have made me who I am to day.

Awaji Yumebutai

Awaji Yumebutai is a complex of a conference center, hotel, and memorial in Awaji Hyōgo designed by architect Tadao Ando. The name of this center translates to dream stage. Awaji Yumebutai is a dynamic display of design a nature coming together to create art. This is a place where people really enjoy themselves and the architecture. The area includes many areas for the public to enjoy and engage with other people in the community.
Awaji Yumebutai Takes simple designs and incorporates the natural beauty of the nature around it and puts it on display to the visitors. This creates a great environment to be in for long periods of time. This is a place people can spend their days in.
One of my favorite aspects of the Awaji Yumebutai center is that it is completely designed in a way that is human-friendly encouraging walking and activities. This is a hub for people to grow and connect with their community.

Chickasha Canadian Valley Vo Tech Building 400

Building four hundred, was a recently new addition to the Canadian Valley Center campus. This building is on the far-left side of the campus connected by building three hundred to the rest of the campus. Building four hundred is one of the largest buildings on the campus housing many programs. Building four hundred was the home building for all the health career programs, the early childcare program, pre-engineering program, classrooms, breakrooms, and more. This building has some of the best design and elements compared to any other building on the campus.

Building four hundred also has classrooms that are dedicated to various subjects and workshops to help the students at the center. This building also has the largest breakroom on campus allowing all the students in the building to take their break at one time. My experience at the Canadian Valley Technology center had a positive impact on me and the path I have taken in my life. Building four hundred is directly responsible for much of the enjoyment I got out of being in this program.

Jared Noblitt Blog 8 – Secular Retreat

The “Secular Retreat” building, created by Peter Zumthor, is situated in South Devon amid a lush garden and undulating hills. The design of this structure allows you to fully appreciate the stunning surroundings, which is why I think it’s so lovely. This seems like a fantastic place to visit, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about living somewhere with so much glass for an extended period. I know that I would go insane worrying about the glass breaking and needing to be replaced. Nevertheless, I appreciate how Zumthor uses the thick curtains to maintain privacy despite the abundance of glass. Zumthor is excellent at creating designs that enhance rather than disturb the surrounding nature.

Jared Noblitt Blog 7 – Tower Houses

Three holiday properties were designed by Peter Zumthor in the Swiss Alps. Visitors to these stunning homes get to experience the snow-covered mountains in dramatic contrast to the cozy wood interiors. The idea behind the design was to allow people to enjoy the mountains from the comfort of a contemporary house. I think that these structures genuinely improve the area and provide people a chance to take advantage of the view in a way that isn’t otherwise possible. This enables them to enhance rather than diminish the natural experience.