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Safdie has additionally designed many high profile buildings stateside. One of theses buldings is, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts located in Kansas City, Missouri. The project played a huge role in the redevelopment of Kansas City.  It is now the home the Kansas City Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Ballet.

Due to the standards and requirements for a building of this nature, it was one of the most complex structures in the world to design and build.  Thus, the building took five years to complete. At completion, the building contained 40,000 square feet of glass, 25,000 cubic yards of concrete, and 27 steel cables.

The exterior of the building consists of two half shells. Each shell contains acoustically independent performance venue, although the backstage area between both is shared. Safdie described the lobby as an expansive porch contained by a glass tent-like structure. The glass is a key factor of the building, giving those inside an opportunity to look out over Kansas City.





Another of Safdie’s famous designs located in Jerusalem, is the Alrov Mamilla Quarter.  The quarter wass part of a $400 million development, that included the Mamilla Mall and the 5-star Mamilla hotel. While the project was original approved the 1970’s, the start was delayed for various reasons. It was not fully completed until 2008.

The location of the quarter has historic significance for the city of Jerusalem, this Safdie aimed to blend the mall into the surroundings, rather than implement contemporary designs into the landscape.  That being said, he also incorporated materials and constructions styles similar to those used in surrounding historic neighborhoods.

Additionally several historic buildings were saved, and incorporated into the design of the quarter. Thus the buildings off the quarter are spaced irregularly.  The open areas between buildings allow for different types of public space, while also allowing good views of the surrounding historical landscape.

mamilla mamilla2


After building Habitat 67 in Quebec, Safdie opened an office in Jerusalem.  He has since been a part of several high-profile projects located in Israel. One of the most well known being the Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust.

Being the second most visited Israeli tourist site, the museum consists of a 44 and a half acre complex, containing the Holocaust History museum, and various other memorial sites. The new Yad Vashem museum was  Safdie’s main point of work.

The new museum consists of a long corridor connected to ten exhibit halls, each dedicated to a different chapter of the Holocaust. Upon construction, Safdie and the museum curator wanted to make sure visitors could view the artifacts through the eyes of the victims.

and this pic

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Mashe Safdie – Post Five

Habitat 67 designed by Moshe Safdie. The building was original part of Safdie’s master’s thesis. However, it was then transferred into a building for the World’s Fair held in 1967 in Quebec, Canada. To this day, it is regarded as one of the most recognizable building in both Quebec and Canada.

As you can probably tell from the pictures below, Habitat 67 is made up of 354 separate but identical concrete forms. The forms are arranged in various combinations, and reach up to 12 stories in height in some places. Overall the building contains over 100 apartments.

Originally the apartments were designed with the intention of bringing together the benefits of suburban homes (i.e. gardens and privacy) and the benefits of urban apartments (density and economically affordable). However, the popularity of the building led prices to be much higher than originally expected.

In the aftermath, Habitat 67 is considered both a success and a failure. While the building, itself, did help to redefine urban living, it was not the revolution for affordable housing, Safdie anticipated. However, the building did help to launch Safdie’s architecture career.



O2 Academy – Brixton

I’m a huge music person, and my favorite thing to do is go to concerts. I’ve been to probably almost every venue between Tulsa and Dallas. However, the coolest venue I’ve ever gotten to experience was the O2 academy in Brixton, a borough of London. Experiencing the O2 was special to me for a couple of reasons. For starters, it was the first place I ever visited in London, while I was studying abroad in Reading. Secondly, the venue is completely different to what I’m use to. It looks like an old opera house on the inside with an ornate stage and balcony seating. It was an amazing experience getting to see one of my favorite bands play here. I was extremely thankful for the opportunity.

brixton 02brixton

Fire Station 5 – OKC

My dad is an Oklahoma City firefighter, and growing up his station was a second home. We spent many a holiday enjoying dinner at the station with my dad, and other firefighting families. It was always so special getting to see the trucks and all the equipment. While, my dad was at several stations over his career, this was where he spent the most amount of time, because of his Hazmat specialty. For those of you who don’t know, station five’s, located near downtown OKC, is home to the city’s hazmat truck. In additioin, it always felt special as it’s located in the middle of the road. You have to actually go around the station, like a roundabout, to get down Broadway. This made it seem extra important to me as a kid.


Wantage Hall – University of Reading

My junior year I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Reading in Reading, England. While there I lived in one of the campus halls, Wantage. In England dorm life is much more popular than it is here. The Hall you live in, is a club of sorts, and most people will live there for at least 2 years. I was lucky because Wantage was one of the only halls that contained a dining hall and a bar. It was also the perfect location, halfway located between Reading town center and campus, therefor my walking was kept to a minimum. This was also there first place I lived outside of Oklahoma, which will always make it special to me. I was lucky to call Wantage my home away from home for 6 months.

Wantage Wantage2

Price College of Business / Adams Hall

Over my last four years at the University of Oklahoma, a great deal of my time has been spent in Adams Hall. As a freshman, my very first college course was on the 3rd floor of Adams. Ironically enough, the course had nothing to do with business, nor would I even know Adams & Price were the same building for another year. However, as a business student, my last two years at OU have been predominantly spent in this building.  In fact, it’s a weird week if I’m not there 6 out of 7 days. My time spent there has given me a great appreciation for it. I love how it’s 1 building, with 2 names, which is often misunderstood by most people. It also has the look of an original university building, while having the modern convinces of new architecture. Overall, Price is by far my favorite building at the University.

Adams HallPrice