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Willow Tearooms

in 1896, Mackintosh was to meet a woman who was to exert an enormous influence on his professional life. She came up with the idea for a series of ‘art tearooms’. (Willow Tearooms). Mackintosh’s first involvement was in the new Buchanan Street Tearooms. His input here was limited to wall murals with the interiors and furnishings designed by George Walton. He started in Ingram Street in 1900 and created the White Dining Room. The Willow Tearooms opened it’s door later. Mackintosh returned to Ingram Street on several occasions and created the famous Chinese Room. In 1903 he moved to the Willow Tearooms in Sauchiehall Street.imgres images-1 images

Haus eines Kunstfreundes

The Haus eines Kunstfreundes was one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s unbuilt projects. translated it means the house for an art lover. which was built after Charles death. The idea to actually construct the house from the Mackintoshs’ designs came from Graham Roxburgh, a civil engineer in Glasgow who had done refurbishment work on the Mackintosh interiors in Craigie Hall.[1]The house is a venue for art exhibitions and other events, as well as being itself a visitor attraction.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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600 year old Hawaiian village

One of the historical places I’ve ever been to was the big island of Hawaii the history of the island is fascinating because its one of the only places where the majority of their history is about peace and family. this 600-year-old village in Hawaii is still standing (well parts of it at least). the majority of the village is covered in lava rock with flows for miles in every direction and to the ocean. The lava rock molded to the huts and wells of the village leaving this land scape almost under a blanket. still standing and recently rescued from the village was a stature of the current kind unsure of his name though.

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Aliʻiōlani Hale. Honolulu, Hawaii

Aliʻiōlani Hale is the home of the Hawaii State Supreme Court and the statue of King Kamehameha the Great Hawaii’s fifth king. I’ve been to Honolulu twice in my life both times I wanted to see King Kamehameha just because of the stories the locals would tell me. Kamehame was never supposed to be king his cousin had the right o the throne until civil war broke out many locals say that he wasn’t considered a king until he fulfilled a prophecy. Legend tells of a kahuna who prophesized that the man who moved the 7,000-pound Naha Stone would become the greatest king of Hawaii. When Kamehameha was 14, the story goes, he moved the massive rock, and then lifted it and turned it completely over. The love the locals have for the many statues all over the islands is fantastic. However, this is my favorite the building behind the statue shows the growth of an empire where cultures were adapting with the strong pillars and open walls and rooms letting nature flow through the building.

KingKamehameha aliiolani-and-king-kamehameha-statue imgres

Barcelo, Mexico Resort





Barcelo Mexican resort has some of the best pools I have ever seen in my life. Each pool has a theme from kiddies, to bars on every edge, to relaxation. The majority of the pools are connected to each other creating this long lazy river with music blasting on every side and people laughing and drinking and just having a ball. the pool is just off the ocean but each pool has a different temperature some are heated and cooled. theirs a pool outside every hotel room and a lazy river the flows through the common areas.  the way the pool flows with the beach almost makes you feel like the beach is an island.

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Devon Tower, OKC Oklahoma

The Devon Tower is the tallest building in Oklahoma standing at 844 feet in the air. It’s also the 45th tallest building in the United States. I’ve only been in the tower twice in my life and it was amazing both times. once for a Christmas dinner with my family on the top floor in the restaurant Vast. The view from the top floors was spectacular the construction of the building was interesting when you walk in you see that the building is almost hollow! I know scary but the most fun part about the tower was the elevator we went up 48 stories in 35 seconds that’s impressive.

3759_Pano49_web DEVON-3 imgres DevonRotunda2

Gaylord family memorial stadium. Norman, Oklahoma



Football has been very influential in my life shaping me and helping me grow. From the start I was a sooner fan I went to my first OU football game at the age of 1, my mother said I never cried I only laughed the noise didn’t bother me it made me smile.  I’ve gone to an OU football game every year at least once from that point on. Therefore I have a deep love for Owen field and the stadium surrounding. the way the crowd echoes off of the angles seating the light flash and shine around the scoreboards is exhilarating. Since my many trips to the stadium, I have been able to sit in nearly every section each seat gave a new perspective of just how massive the stadium actually is. However, this year I became a member of the Oklahoma RUF/NEKS giving me the ticket to the only section I’ve never been in field level. Seeing the stadium from the ground level; giving me a whole new perspective and with the addition of the south side of the stadium, I get to bask in the lights, sounds, and to be quite honest the systemic activity that the sooner nation creates when I fire the opening shot of the game.

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