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The physical science center at the University of Oklahoma is one of my least favorite buildings on the campus. I do not have fond memories of this building as I took general chemistry here and dreaded the long walk from the dorms. Among students and faculty it is known as “The Blender” for its uniquely ugly blender design. The buildings design is rather uninspiring and as you continue inside it is a dull and dreary environment.

Physical Science

The blender shape to the tower can be seen from nearly all of campus and quite a bit of Norman. I dislike going to this building and avoid classes in it because of the bad memories I have.

BOK Center – Tulsa, OK

The BOK Center opened in 2008 in downtown Tulsa. I believe I admire this building because it was one of the most recent building that put Tulsa on the map. This is because this building has brought many famous concerts, sports teams, and shows to the city of Tulsa. I first experienced this building for an arena football game. My second experience of this building was for a concert. It still amazes me how the venue can be transformed for many purposes. In addition, it has sparked numerous restaurants to open near it. I believe that the BOK center has done so much for the city of Tulsa that sometimes goes unnoticed. This is why I like the building so much. Lastly, I like the glass outside that overlaps the outside of the building because it gives it a unique look compared to other Tulsa buildings. Overall, the BOK Center is one of the best pieces of modern architecture in Tulsa.



Will Rogers High School – Tulsa, OK

I first encountered this building in December working valet for an event-taking place at the school. The school was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007 and I immediately realized why after only 10 minutes of looking at the building. The building was created in 1939 but  still is maintained very well for being in a part bad part of Tulsa. The architect put great detail in every entry of the building with art and sculptures of several things over the doors (I attached a photo of one of the entries). It also has a very large auditorium that looks like it has not changed for years. The history of this building gives it meaning which is why I genuinely appreciate this building. It was built due to the growth of the oil industry in Tulsa and because the population of Tulsa was growing very fast. Overall, I am very appreciative of this building because of its rich history and the fact that the city of Tulsa has a done very good job in maintaining this building for the past 70 years.


Wil Rogers High School

Le Musée de Picardie- Amiens, France

The Musée de Picardie was a very beautiful museum I visited in Amiens, France. The building seemed as if it was built like a palace and I felt as if I was in a fairytale while I was visiting it. The outside has ionic columns carved into the building and what seemed like carved banners or wreaths connecting the columns and it all seemed very traditionally French.

Although the outside was impressive, it was the inside that caught my attention. Every area or exhibit of the museum seemed like I was in a new building. One room with all the paintings had gold carvings on the wall and ceiling and it was very flamboyant, but grand. Another room with all the sculptures seemed like it was out of a Jane Austen novel. The museum was effective in allowing the visitor to feel as if they were being transported through time with art. Overall I felt as if I was learning and experiencing a lot of French culture while I was at the museum, but also the culture of all other types of art displayed. This museum was very impressive and I am very fond of the experience.

Mayo Hotel – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Mayo Hotel is the second building in Tulsa that has influenced me in a positive way. The first time I entered the building, about 2 years ago, I was amazed by the interior design. The Mayo Hotel has high ceilings and is very symmetrical. This symmetrical aspect of this building has always been an aspect that I have liked, especially with the colors they use. This can be seen by the attached photos. My first experience with this building is from a wedding. The wedding took place on a top floor ballroom. The specific detail to the wall decor and stage were something I wished I had a closer look at in hindsight. Nevertheless, I hope to explore more of the Mayo Hotel in the future to notice the specific detail that the builders put in for the creation of this building. For example, the bar at the top floor/roof I have heard is really cool and a must see bar for Tulsa nightlife.


BOK Tower – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The BOK Tower affected me in a positive manner when I first encountered it. It is the tallest building in Tulsa and thus stands out in the view of Downtown Tulsa. I never really got the chance to fully experience the building until high school. This was the first time that I was able to see inside of the building. However, I always admired the way the building looked on the outside. The tower was designed by Minoru Yamasaki and Associates who also designed the World Trade Center in New York City. Therefore, the BOK Tower is a small-scale version of the World Trade Center.


Overall, I enjoy this building greatly and it is my favorite in Tulsa. I especially like how the windows of the building are designed and how the top floor has the largest windows. Some may think the design is boring, but I like the gray and modern look of the building.

Fun story: The so called “Center of Universe” is adjacent to the BOK Tower has indentions of planes facing down and people on one side on the Center of Universe monument. I have heard this somewhat of a conspiracy due to the fact that the BOK Tower is a half-version of the World Trade Center. I believe the actual statue is called the Artificial Cloud Statue.

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Texas Ballet Theatre


As a child every Christmas my mother would take me to the Texas Ballet Theatre to watch the Nutcracker. We still continue this tradition and every year I continue to fall more in love with this building. It intimidating walking in and seeing all the open space and many tiers that overlook the main stage. I had always wanted to perform in this theatre until I actually stepped on the stage myself. Great performances are put on here throughout the year from Alice in Wonderland to Rooster & Smith. This building was always lit up and usually has a giant chandelier hanging down from the middle of the ceiling.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Hartland-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the largest in the world and I believe it might be the largest as of right now.  I remember when I went to this airport last year in the summer when I went to a trip in Cabo. Coming back to Oklahoma, I had to stop in Atlanta and I was amazed on how big the airport was. Taking the shuttles to your terminal, since it was so big to walk, was pretty cool because I have never used one at an airport before. I usually don’t fly much but this time I was amazed. I have been to airports like the small one here in OKC which is the Will Rogers Airport. Also airports in Mexico and the Dallas and Utah one but this one was definitely eye catching. The thing sucks about huge airports like this one is that it is easy to get confused where to go when you arrive there. The thing that is good though is that there are many people to ask questions and they will help you out. I know when I got there we had to go through customs to be able to get into the airport and wait for the other flight. It literally took us like an hour and 20 minutes to go through security and customs. The reason that was is because they are a busy and large airport and they have a lot of passengers. Even though this was a negative thing, it was a cool experience to see how big the airport is and how different it is from all the other airports that I have been to.


I have never liked South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. The building seems to be completely overwhelming This building in terms of scale, is massive. It just seems to go on forever and the stores that are contained within, are a veritable who’s who.  This building not only overwhelms me in terms of scale but the sheer selection of choice just ruins me. One would think that as a woman that I would be drawn to this consumerist capital of sorts. I’m not sure how anyone could walk out of there without totally melting their credit cards. One is very spoiled for choice. All of the sights and sounds and smells of your typical mall are magnified tenfold.

Altare Della Patria- Rome, Italy

The Monument de Vittoria Emanuel II, also known as Altare della Patria, was very exciting for me to see while I was in Rome because I had seen it so much in movies. I initially was not going to see this landmark until another American tourist I met recommended it. The building was built as a memorial to the Italian King Victor Emmanuel.  What I thought was so remarkable about the building was its white color. Usually buildings like this become brown or grey over time due to pollution and damage, but this building seemed very pristine. It was interesting to see the contrast between this old structure and all the modern cars and traffic around it.

From afar, the building was very beautiful and from up close it was rather imposing, but impressive. The building seems to sit upon a hill and is lined with many corinthian columns. It all seemed very lavish to me and made me feel a bit insignificant because it was so grandiose, but I admired it very much and thought it was fitting for such a prominent Italian landmark. The sculptures, statues, and carvings also caught my attention and I was in awe to how much detail and effort went into making them, especially since none of them had any flaws. From this experience I gained an overall sense of appreciation for the arts. Putting in so much dedication and skill to one’s work is very important and I think that was present in every structure I saw in Rome.