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Billie Bates- Post 8

The last building from Studio Gang is the Writers Theatre in Glencoe, Illinois. The building, like many other of Gang’s designs, are designed to bring people together. It was designed to be an intimate environment where the art for theatre could be enjoyed. The building has an open feel to it that allows it to interact with its community just like many other buildings designed by Gang.



The above picture shows how the building is designed to bring nature into the building and allow for more interaction. The importance of natural light has been talked about in class and this is one of the most recent examples of it. The building is a centerpiece of the city’s downtown and it has done a great job of bringing more people together. In these few blog posts I have done about Jeanne Gang and her studio, the theme of community and interacting with nature are very evident. The buildings that I have talked about are all great examples of how to design buildings and landscapes that are sustainable and help bring people together.

Source: http://studiogang.com/project/writers-theatre_2

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  1. I like how open and bright the building is. Very beautiful, you can see the creator’s intent to bring nature into the building.

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