41 Cooper Square – Post #7

One of Thom Mayne’s most notorious buildings which exemplifies his unique style is the 41 Cooper Square building in New York City.



The 42 Cooper Square building was built in 2006 and finished in 2009. The building is nine-stories, 175,000-square-foot, and an academic center that houses the Albert Nerken School of Engineering. Mayne designed the building from the inside out, starting with a central atrium, referred to as a vertical piazza.


If you look at the stairs, you’ll notice they take different shapes. This was done purposefully. The discontinuity of the staircases was intended to promote physical activity and to increase meeting opportunities.

The building is mostly comprised of stainless steel and glass which allows for rooms to be filled with natural light in most spaces. 41 Cooper Square achieved a LEED Platinum Rating, the first for an institutional building in New York City.

I personally love this building and the way it makes me feel. I think the shaping of the stairs to encourage human interaction was clever and important. The obscure shape of the building is fascinating and compliments all the shapes on the inside. You can tell just through photos the amount of natural light this building receives which I really enjoy. I believe this is one of Thomas Mayne’s best work.

-Austin Branch

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