Ismaili Centre in Toronto

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the ismaili centre

The Ismaili Centre in Toronto, Canada was built in 2014 and was one of the last major projects Charles Correa worked on before his death a year later. Ismailism is apart of Shia Islam and each center functions as both a religious and social space for the community. This centre is one of six Ismaili centres around the world. Each one is architecturally unique and seeks to foster an understanding between diverse peoples, communities, and faiths.

the Ismaili Centre inside

When Charles Correa designed this building he wanted to combine traditional Islamic architecture in contemporary Canadian context. He did this by keeping the design modern with lots of glass and sleek metal but incorporating Islamic symbolism through the glass dome and orientation of the building. The dome itself is an engineering beauty made of two layers of high-performance glass that are fritted to deflect the heat of the sun. The inside has a large prayer hall as well as other rooms for social gatherings and spiritual contemplation making the whole building a bridge between Islamic and Canadian culture.

3 thoughts on “Ismaili Centre in Toronto”

  1. The second picture I really like! I think it would be a great space to have a wedding! I’m all about the modern style of architecture, the shapes and different orientations are attractive.

    1. I don’t love all of them, but this building is my absolute favorite. I think that the way he combined Islamic and Canadian designs was tasteful and culturally powerful. I love his use of glass and the way he created an environmentally friendly building without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. I usually am not too much of a fan of modern architecture, but I think this building still keeps beauty and character lacking in a lot of modern buildings.

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