Koolhaas – Seattle Central Library

Catherine Wahpeconiah | Post 7

The Seattle Central Library is the flagship library of the Seattle Public Library system. It was opened to the public on Sunday May 23, 2004.


Koolhaas, along with Joshua Prince-Ramus of OMA/LMN were the principle architects, and Magnusson Klemencic Associates was the structural engineer with Arup. The primary goal was to consolidate the different components of a library into a cohesive format. There were five stable clusters: parking, staff, meeting, book spiral, and HQ that were overlapped with four unstable clusters: kids, living, mixing room, and reading room. This gave the layout a fresh, contemporary feel.

BP-7-4Koolhaas (left), and Ramus (right) with the design concept.

The library can hold approximately 1.45 million books and other materials, over 400 computers (all of which are available to the public), and has an underground parking garage that for 143 cars.


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  1. Have you ever been to this library? I want to go to Seattle. My favorite part of the building is the proportions of the glass and having abstract looking walls! Makes you want to stay inside the building longer just because how interesting it looks.

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